Summer/Winter and Holiday Camps

With more than 20 years of educational experience, MH has built up a reputable and extensive knowledge of all different types of students including their requirements during school holidays.

Education should extend beyond the classroom. Some of the most reputable UK schools hold summer, winter and holiday camps. This gives international students unique experiences of fun-filled adventures that reflect British culture and local life styles. We introduce our students to some leading camps near London. These combine learning, exploration, and excitement, providing international students with an immersive and memorable stay in the UK. We find these camps are amazing gateways for our students to enter this new and exciting world.

These camps are designed to foster personal growth, cultural exchange, and lifelong friendships while nurturing curiosity and creativity in a safe and supportive environment. They usually create transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on students’ lives.

Here is a sample of timetable for one of the summer camp organised by Mill Hill school in London.

Sample Timetable 2023

Sumer Camp have all engaging educational programs that combine learning with fun activities, exciting workshops in arts, sciences, technology, sports, and more. They take students to cultural excursions of iconic landmarks and historical sites. They see and feel part of some of the most prestigious universities which often inspires them for their future.

There are many different types of camps in London. There are those that specilize in high academic achievement and those that focus on other activities such as theatre and film or certain sports.

MH will only recommend and choose those partners who has extensive experience in organising successful and reputable student camps with a focus on safety and enjoyment. These partners have highly qualified staff dedicated to student well-being and happiness. Thoughtful itineraries are generated that strike a balance between education and recreation but with an emphasis on cultural exchange, language development, and personal growth. Secure and great quality accommodation are offered with a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere.